Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I just had a breakthrough!!! I know it isn't much, but I tend to be an all or nothing thinker. Let me explain. I had really liked the concept of workboxes, but I couldn't figure out how to make it work with my older children. They share so much, that I couldn't figure out a good way to separate it out into their own boxes. So, I decided that the system just might not work for me and my family. There was also the issue of $$$. How was I going to afford the workboxes I wanted? Then, where were they going to go?

As I thought through my four year old's preschool, I was once again on the workbox mindset. It hit me then....get ready....THEY DON'T ALL HAVE TO HAVE WORKBOXES!!!! I know, my brilliance is amazing you right now! I don't know why it took me so long to realize this! I was just thinking they all have workboxes or no one has workboxes. DUH!! (Don't think badly of me, I was educated by the public school system.) Then, a couple of nights ago, I was in Target and saw the perfect thing! They had these Sterilite Large Clip Boxes (14 in L X 11 in W X 3 1/4 in H). They are the perfect size, durable, easy to open and close, and only $3.99. So, I got some to play with!

So, the plan right now, is that my girls (10 and 8) won't have the workboxes for now. My six year old will use the star boxes (explain in a sec.), and my four year old will totally use the workboxes. Below I have pictures of them. I will add numbers to the front of some to show the order I want my preschooler to do them in. I will do this with velcro dots. Then, some will have stars on them. I got the idea from 1+1+1=1. The numbered boxes will be activities along the lines of the theme or skill we are covering. They will have a definite beginning and end. The star boxes are to be done when the other boxes have been completed. They are open ended toys. I will put things like wooden blocks, zoobs, legos, etc. (This will also give me a great way to rotate out our toys to keep them exciting!)

We are almost there!!! School begins Monday, and we are all soooo excited!!!


Sisterlisa said...

I use workboxes too. I posted about it last year and we plan to use them again this year.

Lil' Momma said...

I am looking at this whole Workbox idea and would like to put them into practice but we don't have the room. Thanks for sharing how you are using them would love to read an update on your use....