Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New schedule - school

This is the daily plan for our school that I am going to start with and hope it works....

Start together:
*calendar/days of week/month/weather/etc.
*place value chart for # of days
*100 chart
*Bible time
*songs (Mon.-Thurs.)

Then for the next hour or so.....
Girls (independently): Allison-piano, math, read
Ashlynn-math, read, piano
(approx. 20 min. each)
read books with me to start
Kevin (independently): piano, math
Kaiden - preschool activities with me

Kevin - Eng. with me
Kaiden - Independent activity

Snack/nurse break (approx. 30 min.)

All together between snack and lunch: (we will have art projects within Geography)
Geography and Music

Geography and Art Appreciation

Geography and Science (*science will be with our co-op right before the girls have piano @ 12:30pm)

Geography and Music

errands and play dates

For the hour or so after lunch chores: (Wed. we will have just come back from science/lunch/piano and will then do quick chores.)

Together - read aloud
Girls - Eng/Grammar/Writing/Spelling with me
Boys - play

2-4 (ish) Rest time

After dinner chores are done:

Family worship at around 6pm

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