Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New schedule - laundry

In an attempt at having less waste, we are trying to reduce the amount of paper towels we use. (I use a TON!) I find towels and sponges, etc. disgusting and prefer to feel like I am using a sanitary cloth each time. Alas, I am having to change my ways. So, I am using an idea I got from another blog, which I don't even remember anymore. We will use wash clothes for napkins and the kids are going to make napkin rings for each of us and some for guests. We can start the day with a clean napkin and then, if it hasn't really been used, just put it back in our ring for the next meal. If there is a mess to clean up, or the napkin gets dirty, that person gets a clean one. These wash clothes are blue.

We also have white wash clothes for all of our cleaning and dusting. Once again, I use a lot of paper towels when it comes to cleaning. We will need a lot of these, because I can't stand to use the same cloth twice. The good thing about these, is that they can be bleached. We will have dish clothes to dry dishes that have been hand washed.

So, in order to make this work, here is the laundry schedule:

Wash clothes:
white - every other night with bleach
blue - every other night with the dishtowels
dishtowels - every other night with the blue wash clothes

Towels - Monday
Sheets - Tuesday
Master hamper - Monday and Wednesday
Pantry hamper - Thursday
Upstairs hamper - Tuesday and Friday

*any catch up will be done on Sat.

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