Sunday, August 8, 2010

Announcement: School will Not begin tomorrow

Well, I had originally wanted to start school tomorrow, but I am not ready. The older kids could begin, but I am not ready for my preschooler. I also still have books in different places all over the house. Sooooo, we will attempt to begin next week. The older kids have actually been doing their math on their own this whole week. I told them we were beginning next week, but they were excited to start! It is great to see such enthusiasm!

We have had a great week getting back into a routine and doing chores, although we lost it on the weekend. That is actually our tradition. I don't know why we can't just do our routine on Sat. and Sun.! We are now, once again, behind to start off our Monday. Oh well, we will get it, chore time will just be a little longer.

I will be purchasing printer ink. (Where is the cheapest place to do this?) I will be planning and printing off the preschool activities, and I will be trying to find a way to organize it all. I really wanted to do the workbox system, but I haven't been able to purchase what I wanted yet. (It is a 10 drawer organization cart for $45 each and we need four right now. Ouch!)

On a side note, I am excited to have just purchased a twin over full bunk bed on ebay for just $66!!! What a deal! We have been wanting this for the boys room. YEA!!!


Forest Rose said...

Hi there, thanks for the follow. I am now following you as well.
Glad to here your children are excited about starting the school year. Cheapest place to buy printer ink that I have found is Wal-mart for me, but depending on your type of ink walgreens refills for $10 which is a huge savings if they carry your type. Hope you have a blessed school year.

Forest Rose

Amy Mantooth said...

Thank you, Forest Rose! We have an hp officejet J4580 all-in-one. Walmart does carry it, but it seems pricey. I will look into Walgreens. I have enjoyed your blog!