Saturday, August 7, 2010

We have mice!!! UGH!!!- Warning, gross story

Okay, so I noticed that a pack of toilet paper that was stored on the floor of my pantry was chewed up and made into a nest. I cleaned that up and told Chris. Before he could buy traps, I had to throw away several packages of food/bread that had been nibbled through. So, I moved all open things into the cabinets.

Now for the catching of the mice. Chris brought home the traps which said to put peanut butter on them. The mice ate the peanut butter WITHOUT setting off the traps! So, I put some cheese on them. Soon we had a mouse! With the light on in the pantry, with us up and around making noise, he was out and about in our PANTRY!! YUCK!!!!! So then, Chris had another type of trap...a glue pad. NEVER, I repeat NEVER buy the glue pads. I knew it looked horrible as soon as I saw them.

A few minutes after I noticed the first mouse, we heard a tap, tap, tap coming from the pantry. I went in to find a glue pad bouncing around the pantry floor with a panicked mouse attached!! What are you supposed to do with that!!!????!! Luckily for us and for the mouse, he bounced himself over to another trap with cheese on it where he tried to get a snack and got himself caught in that trap too, ending his life. DISGUSTING!!!!!!

I have never had mice before. I don't even know how many to expect or how to know when we have all of them! I think we should just move.


Stephanie said...

I am so sorry. But where there is may find more. Just keep putting traps down until you don't catch more. And then look for a space in the floor, wall, garage door, anything that looks like a mouse could fit in it. And they squish themselves really they probably could fit into a tiny hole 1/3 their size. FILL ALL HOLES up.

Donna Perugini said...

Just a friendly warning...don't put out Decon mouse poison. It seems clean and harmless until a mouse eats it, but then your cat eats the mouse. This can go on for years too. The mice store the Decon and other mice find the poison over the years and the whole process begins again. Stephanie is right. Stuff holes, but stuff them with steel wool. They will eat through anything, but the steel wool is a terrific blocker!

Mice are terrible!! They look really cute in book illustrations though :O)

Selena Slough said...

That poor mouse! I’m sure it was just as scared of you were. What a gruesome end it met! I hope you haven’t had any more mice problems since then though. I think extermination would be the best recourse the next time you have mice visitors. There might be some mice hiding, and exterminators are best equipped to find them and drive them out.