Saturday, August 28, 2010

Go Broncos!!! A testimony of God's love!

I am a coach's wife, so on Friday nights (and sometimes Thurs. or Sat.), you will find the me and the kiddos all decked out in our orange and blue sitting in a football stadium somewhere. We have fun! In fact, this is an area where I can greatly see God's hand in my life. You see, I believe that I am to be my husband's helper, his greatest cheerleader and supporter. I am the one who believes in him, his character, and his abilities the most in all the world and makes sure he knows that I do. This has not always been true, though.

Just two seasons ago, I was a different person when football season came around. I was angry, resentful, suspicious, lonely, selfish, bitter, and so many more horrible words and ways. I was consumed by how hard MY life was when Chris was in football. After all, on his early nights, he gets home around 9pm. On game nights, it's like 2am. I have total responsibility of the house and the kids with no help. I used to lament about being a single mom from August until November (Dec. if they make playoffs). (This always hurt Chris's feelings.) I hated that I thought I was expected to be at games. This meant getting everyone ready and out the door right when I was normally putting them to bed. He works seven days a week, which means that there never is a weekend and I go to church alone. I would just close up and not even try to find time to connect with my husband. Year after year, we would go through this horrible cycle of becoming no more than roommates by the end of the season. Then, it would take a long time into his off season for our relationship to "heal." About the time things were good again, football season would come, and the cycle would continue. It makes me so sad to remember these days. What a waste of time!

As the years rolled on, I knew that this wasn't healthy and I began to pray. I prayed that I would love my husband. I prayed that I would have eyes for only him and that every part of me would need him. I prayed that God would show me again and again Chris's character, and that I would have peace in his love for us. I prayed that God would help me to see life through Chris's eyes instead of just mine. I wanted to appreciate his hard, long days, and see them as a sacrifice that he makes to provide for us. I prayed that I would be thankful that Chris has a job and that it is one that he loves and is good at. I prayed for God to reveal to me ways that I could help Chris, to love Chris, to serve Chris, and to pray for him.

Last season, I noticed that I was not angry. In fact, I was looking forward to the games! I didn't travel during the season like I used to because I didn't want to miss one! We were there cheering Chris and the Broncos on!! We had a GREAT season, and Chris and I never skipped a beat! We were a team and we supported each other.

Tonight was the first game of the season. As the new season begins, I already feel the loneliness creep in because of the long hours apart. I already feel overwhelmed as I teach my children and have a new baby in the mix. This season, though, I have HOPE!!! I know what God can do in my heart! I know how much better life is when I surrender to Him and His desires for me as Chris's wife. So, I continue to pray my prayers. You see, I am still the selfish person that I have always been. It is ONLY with God's grace that my heart can change.

Tonight was so much fun!!! I loved introducing our 8 month old to the excitement of football! I loved seeing his face all lit up with smiles and his little chubby hands clap when everyone else did! I loved the texts between Chris and me. I loved when Chris called me right before the game, excited and wanting to share that excitement with me. This is going to be a great season!!! You know why? Because we have a GREAT GOD!!!

Here are some pictures from tonight!
We unfortunately didn't get the traditional picture with Daddy at the end of the game, because Noah just couldn't last that long. We will try to make it to the end again next time. Maybe a really late nap would work!


Candace said...

Absolutely precious post, Amy! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

This is SO true!
I just found you through Chasing Cheerios (loved your comment over there by the way! aren't her ideas AMAZING?).
I have to tell you that this post resonates with me because of my sister. Her husband (also named Chris!) coaches three sports (he is dropping one this year thank goodness!), one each season, and teaches at the high school level. He is NEVER at home during the school year and until recently my sister, just like you, really struggled with this. But she too has figured out what her role is in his passion and is embracing it the best way she can.
You should check her out at! You two just seem to have so much in common!!
Good luck this season!

Denise said...

What a great post. A football life is not easy. My husband grew up in a football home. His dad was a high school coach, his brother now coaches college football, and my husband coached for a time. I can understand your feelings, but what a blessing the Lord has helped you deal with it. Football coaches wives deserve a lot of credit.

I am now following your blog.

Mom of Many said...

This post is incredible! My husband is taking welding classes right now to better himself. His dream is to build a bigger home for us. Yet, I too find myself feeling lonely and resentful, especially on nights when he's in class until 9:30 and home by 10:00. I've had to pray and ask God to help me because that is just wrong for me to feel like that. My husband is doing all of this for us. It's wonderful seeing how through prayer God turned your situation around. What a mighty God we serve!! Thank you so much for visiting my place and for leaving such an encouraging comment!!