Monday, August 23, 2010

How we get it all in...

Many are posting about their schedules and how they get everything in their day. I posted my PLANNED schedule that I wrote up before school began. Now that we have had a week of school, a few things have changed. So, this is more how our day looks now......

We wake up, get breakfast, and do our morning chores. This sometimes takes a little longer than desired. We are NOT a family of morning people. So, the 8am school starting time hasn't actually happened yet. So far, if I really get up and get going, it still seems like 8:30 or 9 (sometimes even 9:30!!) before we begin school.

School begins by me singing "This Is the Day." Everyone hears me and knows to grab their supplies and binder, and then head to our mat. Here, we do the calendar, patterns, days of the week, months, today, yesterday, tomorrow, weather, and place value. We then move straight into Bible time since everyone is together.

Right now in our Bible time, we are studying creation. Today, we began a lapbook. This is just a way to display what we have learned. We use a file folder folded in thirds. Today, we just made the cover. We will add content throughout the week.

Preschool and independent work: About this time, Noah is already fussy. He has been sitting, playing with toys beside me. So, I nurse Noah while I go through our preschool board with Kaiden. Meanwhile, Allison, Ashlynn, and Kevin are rotating through the piano, doing their math, and reading. When Kaiden's preschool board is done, he goes straight to his workboxes. Depending on the day, I may stay with Kaiden one on one. Most days so far have worked this way. Either way, I will be close to him to give direction, and keep him moving and focused.

When I am able, I have Kevin come to me and we do his English and Writing. This is done right there in the room where Kaiden is doing his boxes and Noah is either playing or nursing. Kevin works on his workboxes around the time that he is with me.

IF we have gotten breakfast at an early time, we may break here for a snack. So far, though, we have been eating so late that we just keep going. (Lunch is just around the corner, after all.)

Next we are SUPPOSED to do our Geography and other subject. Today, though, we were so late, that it was lunch time before Kevin was through with his Eng./Writing. So, we started Geo. after lunch. This is not ideal, but we got it in. Today, we began our unit on Asia by studying China. The kids did a craft where they made a dragon out of their hand prints.

As I write this, everyone is in quiet time. I went ahead and sent them there. They needed it and I needed it. It had already gotten pushed back until 2pm! Noah couldn't wait any longer. We were supposed to do our "after lunch chores" but oh well. Most likely now, the mess will just wait for the after dinner chores.

We didn't get music in yet. I still really want to, but it may just get pushed until tomorrow. After quiet time, I will still have English, Writing, and Spelling to do with the girls. Then, it will be time to get dinner ready, chores, baths, and bedtime!
The day goes by so quickly!!

My desire is to do Family Worship right after dinner every night. Right now, we are averaging once a week, which means it has only happened twice. This is a discipline I hope to continue to do and hopefully will become consistent in our home.

Well, that is our day in a nutshell! Day to day varies a little, but we basically stay to this pattern.

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Lil' Momma said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the way you start school by singing. I might have to try that too. I am not following your blog, look forward to reading about your adventures.

Amy in Peru said...

Hey there! I thought it was fun that we have several things in common. I'll let you pop by my blog to find out which! ;)

amy in peru

PS. I guess I gave away one clue already... :)

Mommy K said...

Jealous of your school room area! Wish I had that much space! =)