Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I have ink!!!!! (and a laminator!!!)

I am like a little kid on Christmas morning!!! I went to both Target and Walmart tonight for various things that I still needed in order to start school. Printer ink was a HUGE one! Sooo, it is 2am and I am still so excited I am blogging! (Tomorrow may be another story.)

I have five 3" binders ready to go, looking beautiful with their Raising Rock Star cover pages. Four are for the Bible curriculum and one is for my Raising Rock Stars Preschooler. I have printed out a lot of what I will need next week, but not all. I have decided that it is just getting too late. Plus, my computer decided to get bogged down and I was running out of patience.

Tomorrow, I will try out my new laminator, put up labels around our home (ex. chair, refrigerator, etc.), continue setting up the binders (adding page protectors and the inserts), and making our preschool board. I am so excited to see it all come together!!!! I can't wait to begin!!!

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Here are some shots of our new binders!

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musicalmary said...

Ah, I loved the laminator high I got when I bought mine! Your binders are very cute, and seeing five of them makes me shiver, because I can really only handle the two I have here! Thanks for following my blog -- I'm enjoying reading yours, too. It's fun to make blog friends!