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Some have asked how I am organizing my school year. This will be more applicable for the few out there doing exactly what I am doing, but I will share it with you all anyway.

The easy parts are for the older kids. I just have their books on our bookshelf. We do Abeka math K-3 and then will move on to Teaching Textbooks. For now, they each just have their Abeka book up there and grab it at their math time. I have gone through them the night before, grading them. I circle the wrong answers and they know to correct them first before moving on. Also, if I notice a new concept that is going to be introduced, I put a certain colored tab in their book letting them know that they need to come see me before proceeding. For English, we use First Language Lessons 1-3 and then move to Easy Grammar. We also do Writing With Ease and Spelling Power. Our music curriculum is easy to just grab and do the next lesson. I do look over it right before because every once in a while I will need to copy a page off for the kids. For music, I add a SQUILT lesson from Homeschool Success. All these books are on the shelf and easy to just grab and open to the next lesson. No planning needed!!!

Now, for the harder parts. I plan a week or two at a time. I spend the time going online or into my documents that I have already downloaded, print out everything I will need, cut and laminate what needs to be, and put all hand outs in page protectors in the section of MY binder (to be explained soon).

We are doing Exhibition Earth: A Journey Through God's World for Geography this year. I purchased this curriculum from Erica over at Confessions of a Homeschooler. IT IS WONDERFUL!!! Everything you need is there! I don't need a worksheet to plan because it is all there. I just follow her plan for each day. I put everything for one day in one page protector. So, I have each day of the week right there and ready.

For preschool, I first go to Raising Rock Stars Preschool and get everything for the letter we are doing that week. Then, I go to my downloads from Confessions of a Homeschooler and find the letter from her program that I am doing that week. I add her activities to the others. I then plan out which day I want to do what and in what order. I put all the pages for each day together in a page protector. The night before, I get them out and put them in the boxes with what ever supplies are needed. Then, I add activities of my own into the other boxes. (These are stored in my drawers in the classroom.) I use this worksheet from 1+1+1=1 to organize myself.

For Bible, I also go to Raising Rock Stars at 1+1+1=1 and look over her plan for the week. I follow the links given and work out what I want us to do during our time. I print everything I need out, plan it out on this sheet from Mama-Jenn, and then keep it all in page protectors ready to go.

Okay, my binder....This is my LIFE right now. It put our schedule in the front so that I can keep myself on track. Then, I have all the sections that I needed to plan for. Bible, Geography, and Preschool all have a section where my planning sheet is and everything I will need for that week. Here are more pictures than you need, but it goes through my binder.
Our schedule:
This is a month at a glance also from Mama-Jenn, just so I can see what is coming up.
You can see below the dividers for Bible, Preschool, (Letter of the Week), and Geography. The planning sheet is for Bible.
In the preschool section, I have each of the letters of the alphabet already printed out and cut out for our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree. Then, I have a divider that says "Letter of the Week." I put my planning sheet for the week in it and put all the activities I will do that week in protectors behind it.
Next comes Geography...

The blogs that play a part in my planning are:

There are actually tons more sites that I end up visiting, but these are the main ones that make up the curriculum that I teach.

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