Thursday, April 30, 2009


I can't believe in all my update posts, I left our Easter!!! Again, I will have to post pics soon. Sorry!

I can't post pictures!

I CAN NOT find the cord which hooks my camera up to my computer! How frustrating!!! I have birthday pics as well as pics from my MIL's visit. Hopefully I will be able to add them soon.

MIL, Carolyn visited!!!

Carolyn, my mother-in-law visited recently. We had, what I think, was probably our very best time together. We had a wonderful time! She arrived on a Thurs. night. Friday, we had fun running errands and preparing for Chris's birthday. He got a HUGE surprise which was really fun for us! Saturday, we all piled in the car and went on a road trip. We traveled through the beautiful Hill Country, visiting Kerville and Bandera before returning home. There were some festivals and shopping that we took part in. Sunday, we went to church together and then celebrated Chris the rest of the day. Monday, we went to the zoo. Tuesday, we drove out to the San Marcos outlet malls. Sometimes staying so busy wears me out and I don't enjoy it. I tend to be a homebody, but we had a great time everyday!

Happy birthday to my men!

In April, all the males in our family have their birthdays. Kaiden turned 3, Kevin turned 5, and Chris turned 37. We had a great time with all the birthdays! Our first family birthdays happened this month. After a lot of discussion and thought, Chris and I both decided that family birthdays made more sense. Why did I think spending a lot of money, having a huge stressful party, and an enormous amount of gifts was the only way to say, "You are special to me. I love you!" That is ridiculous!!!! Plus, it has made the kids so greedy and have such a sense of entitlement. These are ugly character traits if you ask me. We experienced wonderful family time together, each birthday person felt appreciated and special. What is more exciting is that they are not planning what they want for THEIR next birthday, they are excited about planning their sibling's birthdays!!! What a change of heart, and so quickly! I have been very blessed to hear their discussions and planning to make someone else's day special. Yea!

We are pregnant!!!

It has been a long time since I have posted anything. Our big announcement is that we are pregnant!!!! I am not sure how many weeks along I am. I will go to the doctor May 8th and then let you know. I am somewhere between 7-9 1/2 weeks along. Soon I will figure out how others have put little baby development trackers on their blog and add one to mine.