Friday, January 29, 2010

New systems...

I am a planner. Anyone who knows me knows that I take great delight in the planning stage. I have lists and plans everywhere! I even got fronted out by one of my daughters (guess who!) that she couldn't possibly keep up with her chores the way I change things up so often. (The reality of that is that her jobs haven't changed hardly at all. I am just always trying to "tweak" things and find a more effective, more efficient way.)

Well, I am now busy planning again. It is difficult to home school, run a home, try to be thrifty, meal plan, shop responsibly, cook, train your children to have great character, and care for an infant. The baby is WONDERFUL, but has really thrown me for a loop! I was able to schedule everyone else in the household. Now, there is this sweet little person who completely does his own thing. The difficult part is that his own thing completely involves me, which I absolutely love!!! I am having so much fun cooing at him and kissing those fat little cheeks! He is so sweet right now that I never want to look away. He is finally tracking me and smiling and cooing back!!! I am having so much fun just loving on him and enjoying this sweet new life in our family!

The result of all that baby love, is a crazy home. Oh how I wish I was diligent earlier in training my kids! Why won't anyone take initiative? Am I the only one who realizes that we now have dirty dishes since we had a meal? Does anyone else see those clothes building up that need to be washed? Am I the only one who finds it hard to walk through the living room without tripping? I had dreams of my older children taking these things over while I was in this new baby phase. I must sit and nurse 8 or more hours a day! So, how are these things supposed to get done without THEM doing them, right?

So, here we go on yet another "system" to make another attempt at teaching family responsibility. This time each child has a list of jobs that they have to "complete before lunch", "complete before dinner", and "complete before bed." They will get rewarded with a bean for each job done well, within the time given, and with a good attitude. Their schoolwork as well as their chores are included in their jobs. Then, they can redeem their beans for privileges and small things. 10 beans for a piece of gum (3 back if I SEE them throw it away!), 20 beans for a piece of candy, 25 beans for 20 min of educational computer time, 75 beans to get dessert on a weeknight, 150 for a dinner date with Mom or Dad, and many others. They, of course, can lose beans by not doing their jobs well, on time, or with a poor attitude.

I will have to wait until Monday, now, to begin since we won't be around this weekend. Hopefully this will be the answer, at least for this week! I am sure we will begin and I will start "tweaking" again as some components work and others don't. We will see.....