Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sick, sick, and more sick

I have gotten calls from family asking if we are okay. I know, I have fallen off the blog world completely for weeks now. The reason is SICKNESS. Yucky, never ending sickness. Yes, we are basically fine. There are no emergencies and no need to worry about us. We will get through this, but we are really getting tired of it.

We started with a simple fever virus that only had a fever the first night and then nothing else. We would wait a day or two and someone else would get it. That went through us twice, one at a time. Then, Chris got what we think now was the flu. A few days later Kaiden and I got it. Then a few more days passed and Kevin and Allison got it. Now, Ashlynn and Noah have it. This has been lots of congestion, coughing, some throwing up, aches, major headaches, and fever for several days. So, this has been going on for about a month now. I pray we are almost over everything for good.

More interesting blog posts will have to wait until then. See you when I am fully well!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day!!!

We got snow!!! The kids got to play in snow for the first time in YEARS! The girls had seen snow when they were little, but the boys had never experienced snow. I have some pictures of the scenery on another camera that I cannot access right now. :( Technical difficulties. Here, though, are the pictures of the kids teaming up with some neighborhood friends and a dad to create a snowman!!! You can just imagine how much work and shoveling it took to get this much snow in one place!!

 I did get one scenery pic after we had all the fun. This was taken from one of our upstairs windows. The snow had melted off the streets already.

Education Cubes! Money Review

Here we are using our Education Cubes to review money. He had to know the value of each coin and recognize it written in two different ways.

 Our baby doesn't care what pictures are in the blocks. He LOVES knocking down the stack. It is his favorite game!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tuesday update...sickening

Okay, well not a total wash of a week. I didn't mean that my goals were completely sickening, although they suffered.

My children have been sick FOREVER now! The entire week, I had at least 3 sick at all times. Then, Mon., Tues., and most of today we were all well!!! Yea!!! NOPE. This evening, my four year old said he was sleepy while I was cooking dinner and fell asleep in a living room chair. When I went to wake him for dinner, he was burning up. I got the thermometer and learned that he had a 103.8 temp.! Here we go again! I am praying that the others won't get it again this time, but our past week suggests we will have this forever.

So, because of making quick meals with more calories than I would like, not going to the gym because of sick kids and a husband who has had to work late more than not recently, and generally just exhausted because of the same reasons, I refused to step on the scale this week.

I will have to find a way to do better despite these circumstances for this week. I cannot let this take two of my weeks away! I will not let it!