Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tuesday update...sickening

Okay, well not a total wash of a week. I didn't mean that my goals were completely sickening, although they suffered.

My children have been sick FOREVER now! The entire week, I had at least 3 sick at all times. Then, Mon., Tues., and most of today we were all well!!! Yea!!! NOPE. This evening, my four year old said he was sleepy while I was cooking dinner and fell asleep in a living room chair. When I went to wake him for dinner, he was burning up. I got the thermometer and learned that he had a 103.8 temp.! Here we go again! I am praying that the others won't get it again this time, but our past week suggests we will have this forever.

So, because of making quick meals with more calories than I would like, not going to the gym because of sick kids and a husband who has had to work late more than not recently, and generally just exhausted because of the same reasons, I refused to step on the scale this week.

I will have to find a way to do better despite these circumstances for this week. I cannot let this take two of my weeks away! I will not let it!

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walkmom said...

We, who never get sick;and, more than that, never pass things around, have all been sick but one. And what with being sick and the cold, no exercise for me; ergo, no scale either!
Kert has really been enjoying the games linked on your blog. Thanks!