Saturday, August 7, 2010

Beyond Words Designs has done it again!!!

I am blessed to be friends with an incredibly talented and creative woman, Stephanie, who touches lives in so many ways. She is the creator of Beyond Words Designs. Her precious daughter, Amelia, was the inspiration for her first designs. They lost Amelia just before she was born. Through this pain, Stephanie birthed her business to keep these sweet children's names alive within their homes and families. She has now branched out to paint many other things.

We just received two paintings that will go in my daughters' room above their beds. We are about to get them new bedding and make their room like they have been wanting FOREVER! I am so excited about how the painting turned out! They are exactly what the girls wanted!!!!

Please take a moment and visit and look through Stephanie's gallery. If you don't see the paintings for Allison and Ashlynn up yet, go to her other site I also have her buttons to the right of this page. Enjoy!!!


Stephanie said...

You are too much~
I just posted photos of Allison's and Ashlynn's painting in the GALLERY!

I am trilled that it exactly what they wanted! Send me photos of the room when it is done.

Stephanie said...
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