Monday, August 16, 2010

First day of school!

School has begun!!! We got up this morning, ate our breakfast, did our morning chores, and went upstairs for school....just an hour late. We did end up getting everything done and in the correct order, just not exactly at the times I was hoping for.

I was very excited that my 4 yr old was into it all. I was actually expecting rebellion. He has never been a kid that liked to sit and color or anything like that. He is a rough and tumble, sword fighting, gun shooting kind of guy. I have really seen him mature in the last few months and had high hopes. He did soooo great with his workboxes!!!! The short activities were perfect for him. He loved them, felt accomplished, and did more than he normally would because the activity changed so often.

On the other hand, I had a baby for the first time in my home schooling career. Noah has been so great lately about sitting and playing happily with toys. He will play for quite a while before wanting a change, even longer if he is close by me. Not so today. Of course, when I want to begin school, he decides to be cranky ALL morning and demand to nurse CONSTANTLY. Oh well! It was hard on me, and I was exhausted trying to keep the energy level up while dealing with the baby, but the morning still went well.

Here are some pictures!


musicalmary said...

I can relate to getting it all done, just not in the time you expected. And that is OK! Thanks for sharing your day!

musicalmary said...

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