Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Family Worship

We have known many families for a while now who hold family worship. Chris, my husband, has been reading Bible stories to the kids before bed for a long time now, but we haven't ever done anything formal. I will even read a devotional with them during the day, but again, not a formal worship time. Tonight was wonderful!!! Our church website now posts the portion of scripture that will be preached on and the hymns that will be sung the following Sunday. This is perfect!!! Tonight we sang three of the hymns, read the portion of scripture, took prayer requests, prayed, and did a devotion out of  Training Hearts Teaching Minds, by Starr Meade. It wasn't in that order exactly. The hymns were spaced throughout. Tonight we had to gather around the computer in order to read the words to the hymns. I will be printing these off as soon as I buy some more printer ink so that we can stay in our chairs at the table. Also, I hope to purchase several Trinity Hymnals in the future, when possible. I want to continue with these hymns and read this portion of scripture every night this week. Then, in church, hopefully the kids will pick up more of the service since it is familiar to them.

For those who don't know, we go to a reformed, family integrated church. This means that there aren't programs that separate the family. Everyone, birth - elderly sit together, enjoying what each other brings to the worship. No one stares or gawks when your 8 month old squeals out in delight. These are just some of the wonderful sounds of our worship service. If you would like to read more about our church, visit http://www.cogsa.us/.

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Pinching Abe said...

I'm here from a blog hop and read your post above. We have a rather lengthy family prayer routine ourselves! It is a special time to pray in thanksgiving, ask for help or prayer for others as a family.