Sunday, August 31, 2008

Stanton Run can celebrate...

...that the Mantooth's yard is FINALLY mowed. Poor Chris has been feeling horrible about our yard for awhile, but what is a guy to do who is only home when its dark? Plus, there are no street lights, so its REALLY dark! After church today, I started talking to neighbors. Ya'll, I have the very best neighbors around. Wynne, who lives across the street let her 13 year old daughter come and watch the kids inside so that I could be outside, mowing. Then, her 11 year old son, started mowing too! Plus, my neighbor directly beside me, Debbie, also came out to mow. The grass/weeds were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long! The back yard was up to my hip! I was so blessed by their help. Chris could never do it because of his hours right now, and I couldn't because my kids are too young to be left alone for that long. God really provided for us today and we are so blessed and humbled by it. (The only downside is that the yard is like dishes and laundry, it never goes away. But at least for a couple of days, we aren't the worst yard in the neighborhood. Thank you Debbie, Wynne, Jillian, and Jacob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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