Tuesday, August 19, 2008

School days begin!!!-Day 1

Ahhhhh The smell of fresh pencils. The wonderful sounds and gas smells of the school bus. Hords of children talking and laughing. Backpacks full of all the new school supplies needed as the kiddos go off to their new world for the next nine months. Excitment is in the air!!!

Well, maybe not. Actually at our house it looks A LOT different! We were all up and dressed with our beds made by 7am. At this point we had breakfast together and then cleaned up. At 8am, we all started singing our "Good Morning To You/Rise and Shine" song that calls us to school. Up in our school room, we enjoyed praying together, reading the Bible (we have started going through Luke), updating our calendar, and singing together. That will definetely be our favorite time of day. Next, I sat down with Ashlynn for some one-on-one instruction while Kevin, Allison, and Kaiden had learning play time in centers. Throughout the morning we rotated time with Mommy having individual instruction while the others did an activity.

I would be lying if I told you we pulled it off with no hitches. Having a toddler around really makes school interesting. We did have to take a break while Kaiden threw one of his biggest fits yet. I actually had to hold him to keep him from hurting himself or someone else. It was something else. All in all though, it was a great morning. I look forward to today. In fact, we are about to begin in just a little while.

I thank God for the opportunity to school my children. To be free to pick my curriculum and the manner in which we conduct our day is such a blessing. I am getting to know each one of these precious creations individually and deeply. I am able to train them as I feel God is leading me to. I do not have to try to build a relationship while competing with dinner and homework in the 3-4 hours they would be home if they went to public school. 3-4 hours IF they don't have an activity that night. I am truely blessed to have a husband that supports homeschooling and encourages us in our day. God has showered us with so much!!! It is overwhelming to be in the middle of HIS love!

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