Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You would think I would learn

I had a really late night last night with many interruptions once I did get asleep. So, needless to say, this morning was sluggish at best. My plan was to get up and out, but we didn't get out of the house to run about 5 errands until after 10am. So, there I was in Target at lunch time getting clothes no less. How does a 4 year old and 2 year old behave when tired and hungry? How much do they like waiting on Mommy to pick out clothes for their sisters? Not much. What was I thinking? Frustration for all involved.

My next adventure is to try to explain the need for modesty to my eight year old. All my reasons stem from respecting the sight-minded boy. I want them to realize that God designed men to be sexually aroused by sight, and that as their Christian sisters, we want to do our part to protect them from impure thoughts, to not be a reason for them to stumble. I want to teach them that in the context of marriage, they are a beautiful gift for their husband. The problem is, we haven't gotten into the sex talks yet. I still haven't touched the subject. I know we are probably past due, but still, we haven't. So, my question is how do I explain why her tummy can't show or the clothes can't be skin tight without getting into all that? I want to go deeper than, God wants us to be modest and so that is our rule. It just frustrates her because she wants to know WHY God calls us to modesty.

So, the picture in Target is a crying two year old crashing anything he can reach from the basket, a four year old not remaining by my side, but jumping around and running and getting fussy, and an eight year old complaining that she has the worst mom ever. (One out of our four was actually happy with our little trip and her selections and stayed pleasantly with me. )Praise God for nap time!!!!!!

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