Friday, August 8, 2008

Kaiden's first haircut

We finally decided to have Kaiden's golden locks trimmed just a little. Strangers didn't know he was a boy anymore. But, I couldn't cut them all off. We went with a modified haircut and left some of the curls. As Mommy, I was not ready to go completely from baby to little boy.

Kaiden did really well. He sat very still for the woman the whole time. I think he might have been in shock. Afterwards, he was very proud and wanted to tell everyone about his hair.

The first and third pictures are his before shots and then the second is Kaiden with his new big boy haircut.
(Kevin had to come along and get a cut too. He is with Kaiden in the third picture.) I couldn't figure out how to edit them so that they were in the right order.

(This actually happened several months ago.)

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