Monday, August 25, 2008

The Journey of Adoption Begins

For my own personal records, I wanted to post about our decision to begin the adoption process, the Lord willing. Many years ago, God placed in our hearts the desire to adopt. We have felt that this is definitely a calling and we are willing to open our family to whomever God chooses. God hasn't told us yet how many or what ages or from where. That is the exciting part. I have been praying for a really long time now for these children who are to be Mantooth's. I don't know if they are already out there somewhere. If that is the case, I have been praying for God's protection of them. Protection for their minds, hearts, and souls. I have also been praying for the baby that is in utero or has not even been conceived of yet. I pray for health and protection. I have been praying for these birth mothers. I, being on this side and already having four biological children, cannot conceive of what place someone must be at to give their child away. Most love their baby enough to wish a better life for them. Some just don't believe in abortion and take the courageous steps to birth the baby that has come to them. Either way, they are an important part of our future child's life.

Right now I am acquiring all the information I can. I have five books that should be showing up on my doorstep soon. I have also requested every free info packet available from a multitude of agencies. We are investigating financial support because the cost is WAY, WAY out of our league. Especially since we feel God's calling to adopt multiple children. We don't know yet if we are to add a baby one at a time, or get a sibling group that we keep from being separated from each other. Only God knows right now. We are confident that He knows who will make up our family and that He will provide all the funds somehow. We are just here, willing to open our home. He will fill it.

One "ministry" that has been on my heart for about a year and a half now is trying to stop abortions. I have heard of families standing outside abortion clinics with signs pleading for the mother to not go in, but to let them adopt her baby instead. There were powerful testimonies that, even if the mother didn't give them her baby, during discussion would call the baby "my baby" for the first time. As soon as she acknowledges that her baby is in there and she can give it life, a lot of times she decides not to abort. I am starting today to pray about our family ministering to the unborn and to these mothers in this way. In this, we won't be so concerned about getting a baby for us, but saving lives. We would want to love on these women and help them to realize that they have a real life inside of them that they have the power to save. If the mother wants to, we would be willing to adopt their baby. I will see where God leads me on this. ??????????
One side plus, is that the fees to adopt would only be the legal ones. This would take us from 10,20,or 30 thousand dollars to more like 3 or 4 thousand per child.

So, whether a baby or sibling group... Whether white, black, Hispanic, Asian, or other...Whether domestic adoption, international adoption, or a mother handing us her baby...We are praying and waiting on God to make miracles happen. What an exciting journey!!!

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