Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kaiden told a joke!!

I just have to tell you, that not only did my two year old sit in his booster seat without complaining for an ENTIRE football game (almost 3 hours), he was unbelievably cute and sweet. He would clap and say, "Yea!" He would lean over on my arm for a little side hug. He would hold my hands and make them clap. But the one that got me was his joke. I have never had a two year old actually tell a joke and know what he was saying! Here is how it played out......I was watching the game when I felt Kaiden tapping my shoulder. I looked over and found his hand was in a fist and he was tapping me. I asked him if he needed anything. He responded by tapping again, this time saying, "knock knock." I thought, oh how cute, and said," knock knock" back. He continued. Finally I said," Who's there?" He laughed and said, "apple." Then he would say, "knock knock" again. I said, "Who's there?" We did this a few times and then he said, "apple juice!" He and I laughed and laughed. It cracked me up! I didn't think kids told jokes this early. We had a good time!

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