Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Running on God

God has been really speaking to me lately. My life has been a roller coaster, one day on, one day off. Today, God called me to just sit at His feet in a deeper way than I ever have in my life. What happened? He met me there. I have had an amazing day walking beside God. Has the whole day been great and wonderful? No, in fact there have been several times that were really hard. But, because I had a running conversation going with The Almighty, I was able to move through the obstacle. You know, sometimes God allows you to be saved from the hard times. Sometimes, He moves you around them as you are approaching. Sometimes he allows you to go right through the middle of it. Why would a loving God do that to His child? Training. Teaching. Growth. Just as I pray everyday to put myself aside and train these children the way God wants me to, my Abba Father is also training me. Just as I want my children to grow into godly people with strong character who love and follow their Lord, my Abba Father also looks on me, His child, and wants the same.

There are many times during the day that each of my children come and ask for help. I of course offer it, knowing that they are not capable of all things. They cannot and will not be left alone, because they are lost and in danger without supervision. Each of us has supernatural supervision. God is ALWAYS with us. He would never leave us for a second because we are just children, His children. Do children just go off by them self all day and never seek council about anything? As much as we sometimes wish they would (not really), there is not a half hour that I don't see each one (unless they are napping of course). I am learning today to be more like my kids. They value that leadership and realize their incapabilities and have no problem staying close to me, talking to me, learning from me, and asking questions. They rely on me. I, too, must stay close to God. I am to talk to Him (pray continuously 1Thes. 5:17), learn from Him (prayer and Bible reading), and ask questions. I am to rely on God, not myself.

That brings me back to the roller coaster. When I do not rely on God, but instead rely on my own pathetic intellect, strength, work ethic, and just plain umph, I fail. I get tired. I lose motivation and lose sight of the goal. Sometimes I even still know the goal, but don't care anymore or rationalize that it will all work out some how. God has called me to be His child. He has called me to be a godly wife. He has called me to be a mother. He has called me to raise and train these children, remaining right by their side just as God remains by me. He has called me to be a daughter and sister. He has called me to be a true friend. He has called me to be a good neighbor. He has called me to be a good steward of all that He has given me. He has called me to be a witness of His love to the world around me and beyond. Wow! That is a tall order! How arrogant am I to begin any day without calling on my Lord. He is my strength. He is my shield. He is my salvation. He is my rock. He is my all. He IS!!!!

Thank you, God, for teaching me today. Thank you for reminding me of truths I have known for years but not always followed. Thank you that you are my Abba Father, my Daddy, training me and never letting me go. Thank you that you promise to not stop until Your work is completed. Amen.

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