Friday, April 8, 2011

Worship Notes!!!

I was hopping around the blogs I follow, and I ran across these GREAT worship notes to give your school age children during church! I LOVE THESE!!!

I think it is so important to have our children in worship with us. Whether you attend a church with classes or not, I believe we should worship as a family. It takes a little bit more of your day, but all go to classes and then all go to worship. There is so much you can teach them, even in the middle of the service quietly, that will shape their reverence and love for our Lord. I hope you enjoy this pdf as much as I will!

I found this idea at:

Who found it at (creator of pdf):

Have fun teaching your children to worship!

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Amy said...

cool, thanks for sharing. I may link this on my blog.

Amy @ Missional Mama