Monday, April 18, 2011

Meal planning update...

Well, nothing new comes without a few hiccups. I am using Big Oven, but find myself very frustrated a lot of the time. My first complaint, is that I need to see at least a week at a time, if not the month. You can only see these views if you go to print preview. When I am trying to figure out what I want to eat, I can't remember what I have already put on other days. For example, I don't want chicken three night in a row, or a more difficult meal the same night that also has a breakfast prep.

I am sure my distaste for meal planning, cooking, and grocery shopping plays some part in my frustrations, but still, I want a perfect program. Who doesn't? I actually don't hate cooking all the time. I love when I prepare a meal that everyone loves! I just can't get the timing down so that I am not cooking too late in the evening. Our normal dinner time right now is about 7:00pm or 7:30pm which is WAY too late. It snowballs. Dinner too late means chores too late or not done at all and bed time too late. This puts me to bed too late and very grumpy the next morning.

My other problem has nothing to do with Big Oven. The cord that connects my printer to my computer has died. UGH!!! I am planning on going to Radio Shack tomorrow (but then, I have been planning that the last 3 days) to get a new one. Until then, computer meal planning is pretty pointless.

In an attempt to say something positive here, my family has been enjoying more balanced meals! We have enjoyed trying out some new recipes that I keep finding here and there from friends and online.

I look forward to all the growth I have room for in this area of homemaking!!! Someday, I will look back on this point in my life and laugh at how difficult I made everything. Until then......well, I pray to stay sane!

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