Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Preparing to get my girls on board

I can tell this journey is going to be a long up and down hill one. I am constantly battling with my selfish, sin nature. I am constantly battling with laziness. I am constantly battling with my old bad habits. Yet......

Yet, God is so faithful!!!! As I read scripture and learn about biblical womanhood, true femininity, what it is to be a wife, a mom, a friend, a servant, a witness, a homemaker, God is changing my heart. I can feel it! I know it is happening. Right now, I am like an infant. I need milk. I am learning in concept and the fruits aren't there yet.

So, how, when I am still in infancy, am I supposed to train my daughters? How am I supposed to begin instilling in them the lessons I am learning while I am still learning them? Through transparency as we learn together. How glorious for them to see my faults, my vulnerability, my need for my Lord and Savior. Only when I am humble, can I truly teach them.

I learned about Dannah Gresh about a year ago and want many more of her books. My husband just gave me, 8 Great Dates for Moms and Daughters. This is one tool that I am going to be using soon! This book gives us time together while giving me the tools to teach them modesty, which has been an issue in our house. One daughter in particular, is really rebelling against our rules right now, but I don't have the words to teach WHY. Right now they are just rules. A large portion of what I desire for my daughters is that they learn skills to help them when they are married and have a family and home. I want them to also embrace God's calling for them as women. While this is going on, I pray to build a strong, intimate relationship with each of my girls that will last through their teen years and into their adult lives. I have been very weak in building this relationship. I am sad to say, there has just been too much fighting going on to build a relationship based on respect for one another. I pray these dates will give us just the break we need to really get to know each other as God made us, enjoy each other, and have many deeper, spiritual conversations.

I have also just run across some other resources that I am eager to get my hands on. Over at Raising Homemakers, she did a post about how to raise your daughters in biblical womanhood when we ourselves weren't raised this way. How do you implement something that doesn't come naturally and is actually foreign?

Here are the books I liked best and hope to order soon! Go to Raising Homemakers for even more resources and ideas.

The Girl's Guides - The Homemaker's Mentor

Future Christian Homemaker's Handbook - The Homemaker's Mentor

Beautiful Girlhood (and the Companion Guide to Beautiful Girlhood), by Karen Andreola

The King's Daughter and Other Stories for Girls, by J. White

Proverbs for Parenting: A Topical Guide for Child Raising from the Book of Proverbs, by Barbara Decker

Polished Cornerstones - Doorposts
(I also want to get the book, Plants Grown Up, which is the version for your sons and the CD that accompanies them both for easy print outs.)

I hope you find resources that help you also as you journey to follow God's leading in your life. Our daughters are so precious and our time with them so short. I pray we can take advantage of each moment from here on out!


Mrs. White said...

You daughters are beautiful! They look so happy and sweet!

I love your list of resources. Building relationships with daughters takes some creativity in this day and age!

Thanks for this helpful post!

Mrs. White
The Legacy of Home

walkmom said...

Just a thought, though, Amy. Building relationships is a very good thing, but don't go about it from the angle of being their friend. You must be their parent. If you don't do that, the sweet friendship that can be yours when they are grown (or almost) won't be there. I've seen it happen lots of times. But if you be their mom, you will reap a friendship SO sweet that you won't believe it. Ask me how I know!


Anonymous said...

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Gumby's Gang said...

Amy, Vicki's words are SO true. They are true with your sons, as well as your daughters! And Plants Grown Up is an amazing resource....ask my guys--they LOVED using it! As long as you are yielded to the Father and realize that you have much to learn (no matter your age/stage), you will do just fine training your daughters!

Lisa D.