Friday, April 8, 2011

My sweet Kaiden turned 5 today!

I cannot believe my little boy is already 5 year old! Every time a child turns five, it hits me hard. I don't know why this seems like such a milestone. I guess he is officially one of the big kids instead of my little boy, my preschooler. *sigh*

I remember from the time he could walk, he has picked up sticks or anything stick-like, and pretended it was a sword and he was fighting off the bad guys. Seriously, before anyone could have taught him, he would stand in a warrior pose ready for battle. He could take on anything!

Kaiden is still full of imagination and energy. He is still fighting the bad guys. He is also still my sweet cuddler (at times, on his terms). Lately, he loves making up songs that are always a rock style. If you are ever so blessed as to hear one, you will also enjoy the fancy footwork that goes with it as he sings. Kaiden has never been able to stand still if a good beat is going on! He is also so interested in God and how all of this works. The questions I get recently are amazing and so hard to answer! Especially when he tries to make it all work within his logic, the conversations get tough! He is such a fun blessing in our lives and I am so thankful for him!

Here he is training his baby brother, hoping to have a sparing partner soon. (Notice how he has the big sword and he kindly gave the baby a plastic screw driver as a sword. lol)

This is a picture that I took earlier today on my phone. Since he hates his picture being taken, this will probably be the 5 year old picture that sticks.
Happy birthday, Kaiden!! We love you!!!!!

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