Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finally, Preschool is planned!!! (Well, sort of)

I am setting out on a new adventure next year. (It actually started this year, but without much to do.) All of my older 3 children went to preschool. They LOVED it! I loved it! I also loved that they were given a ton of basics that helped me get them going when they began Kindergarten at home.

Now, in our new location, I do not have access to that wonderful school with those wonderful friends. So, I am now doing their preschool. This has intimidated me for awhile. After all, I hadn't taught any child "from scratch" before. Would I really be able to do it? As the time has come nearer to begin, I have realized that I have everything it takes!

I have been amazed by all the home school blogs that are out there, especially the ones focusing on preschool. It has been so much fun looking, reading, and printing all of the fun things to do. I think I have a basic list that I will now call my "Preschool Curriculum."

Here are some of my favorite preschool blogs:

Confessions of a Homeschooler
Mama Jenn
Homeschool Creations
Family Style School
Chasing Cheerios

As far as "curriculum" goes, here is the list that I plan on drawing from for my 4 yr old's school:

Letter of the Week - Confession of a Homeschooler
Raising Rock Stars Preschool - 1+1+1=1
Totally Tot Trays - 1+1+1=1
Melissa & Doug puzzles and games
Lauri puzzles and games
Kumon workbooks: My Book of Easy Mazes, Let's Sticker and Paste, My Book of Tracing, My Book of Cutting, My Book of Number Games, My First Book of Drawing
Heidi Songs Singable Songs for Letters & Sounds

I will, of course, also include many read aloud story books.

Whew! Now, I think I better start collecting all of this and at least planning out several weeks in advance. Sunday night planning/organizing/gathering might take a while now! (At least we won't officially begin until September.)

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