Sunday, May 2, 2010


This weekend was definitely a chance to Save Our Sanity! Many of my good friends and fellow homeschooling moms got away from it all and enjoyed a relaxing weekend of fun! We rented a duplex cabin RIGHT on the Guadalupe River! We stayed up late, slept in late, and ate wonderful food (that we didn't slave over there). Some tubed, some rafted, some did both, some fished....there were games and laughing (lots and lots of laughing)....Sometimes, it was great to just sit out on the enormous, two story deck and look out over the river. It was like we were up in a tree house. It was sooo beautiful!

I still had Noah (5 months) with me, but still managed to thoroughly enjoy my time there. He actually did really great except for a few times of fussiness. Then, sweet friends were there to hold him and give me breaks. I think Noah enjoyed all the attention!

Well, you will have to wait until tomorrow for pictures. All that relaxing really made me tired! I need to get some beauty sleep so that I can jump right in to school and regular life in the morning. I am excited, though, it is always wonderful to be so missed. We will get some cleaning and some learning done tomorrow, but I hope to focus on some cuddle up and read together time too! You can't have too much of that!

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