Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year = New Beginnings

I am not taking the "New Year's resolution" route this year. I have many things that I am working on right now and I am continuing these goals. Thankfully, God is never through working on me. He never gives up! That is so precious and amazing to me! As many times as I stop and throw my little tantrum, He never tires and leaves me. He is my Father who stays by me always, telling me how He loves me too much to not keep teaching me and guiding me. What a gift it is that He gives us our own children so that we can each glimpse just a portion of the unconditional love that He has for us as we love and teach our own kiddos.

My underlying issue that is the umbrella for all my other issues is self discipline. I almost completely lack self discipline. I have no idea why. I do though, and it is time I grow up and accept that this is hard for me. I need to mature past using this as an excuse to live undisciplined. I need to fall on the grace of my Lord, do the hard work of forming new habits, and get disciplined! MUCH easier said than done. For all you disciplined, A type personalities, you are rolling your eyes saying, "Oh come on, just do it!" Well, for one who is not used to making myself do anything unpleasant, it is very hard to overcome the, "I don't wanna's!" Does anyone relate?

Here are the issues that fall under this umbrella that are affecting my life:
  • going to bed too late
  • waking up too late
  • following through when giving a child a job
  • following our school schedule
  • eating healthily
  • exercising
  • doing my jobs when they need to be done (laundry, starting meals on time, etc., etc., etc.)
I am sure there are plenty more I could come up with, but these are the ones I am going to be tackling right now. I realize that most would say take one from this list and start with that. Then, add another one. I think I am just tired of living this way, though, and tend to be an all or nothing type person, so I will be jumping right in with all of them, TOMORROW!!!

So, pray for my attitude. I am already dreading the week (not a great start, huh?). I am so sick of trying to train my children to be disciplined when I am so obviously not. It is time. So, here goes nothing!

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