Friday, January 28, 2011

It is finally real to me...

I didn't want to say anything on the blog about my weight loss because it seems every time I do, I fail and never post again about it. Well, this time is different! I am no longer saying that I am trying to lose weight. I AM losing weight. There is a big difference in doing and trying. Trying is setting yourself up to fail. No more trying here! I have a vision and won't stop until I get there!!!

I have been getting my mind in gear and slowly working on it since Thanksgiving (with a huge set back over the Christmas break). I am much more consistent now.

So, I am going to start giving you my goals, achievements, set backs, and victories here. I have been following a few different blogs that have been doing the same for a long time now. I comment and read their posts, but never post here.

I have lost 7 pounds so far this month and hope to make it a couple of more before weighing in on Tuesday, Feb. 1st. We will see!

I just started journaling all my food intake so that I could count my calories. They were eye opening! I just wrote down the first couple of days without adding them up. Wow! I had no idea how many calories I was putting into my mouth regularly! These days, I was even thinking about it! My daily goal is no more than 1400 calories. Here are my totals so far this week.

Day 1 - 2773.5 YIKES!!!!
Day 2 - 1153
Day 3 - 1437.5

Today is Day 4 of my week, so totals still to be tabulated.

I have the fitness goal of going to the gym at least 4 days a week and getting some activity 6 days out of the week.

I have gotten a fitness buddy from Eclipse, which has been such a wonderful blessing!!! I now have a friend and encourager who I keep up with several times a day via email! This has made all the difference!

I will report back on Tues.!!!! Please join me if you have total health as your goal!!!

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Patricia said...

I hope you can stick to your goal. Have you check up