Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mystery of History / Science Co-op

I have joined up with a couple of friends in a history/science co-op! We will be going through the Mystery of History Vol. 1 this year, beginning this week with Lesson 1-3. Each week, we will be posting videos that we find to enhance our lessons, activities that we do, and other resources that we find. I just posted some videos I found for our first lesson here.

You can go and check out the book we are using at this site.

For science, we are just going to be studying an animal, bird, fish, or bug for the week. We will then spend just a few minutes telling each other what we learned. We will be having the children practice speaking clearly in front of a group during this time.

Our co-op is geared toward the younger students (ages 3-7ish). I have two older students (ages 9 and 10) who will be going a little more in depth. For example, this week, my girls are studying evolution and the big bang theory while we read about creation. Then, they will teach the younger ones briefly about these topics and how God's Word lines up (or doesn't) with them.

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Granny said...

It sounds WONDERFUL!