Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Day!!!

A few days ago, we declared it Pumpkin Day! Here are some things we did!

*We started the day off with some baked pumpkin oatmeal! YUM!!!

*We sang lots of fun fall/pumpkin songs!

*We painted big pumpkins using marbles, and then dot painted little pumpkins. We then made a fall garland out of our art pieces.
 (The boys turned it into finger/arm painting of course.)

*We read It's Pumpkin Time, and learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin. Then, the kids put the stages in order. I got this idea at Homeschool Success!

 *We read a little devotional book based on the book The Pumpkin Patch Parable, and the kids colored it.
 We read the poem, 5 Little Pumpkins, and made gospel telling jack-o-lanterns.
 *Noah played!
 He loves getting things out of his big tub!
 *We cleaned out our pumpkin! Yuck!
 Kaiden didn't want his picture taken today, but I ended up with this great one!
 That made him really upset.
 Still cleaning...

 Noah enjoyed watching and having a snack. That is me in the background carving the pumpkin.
 Here is our jack-o-lantern!!!
 Finally, after cleaning up, we roasted the seeds and enjoyed a pumpkin snack!
I got such GREAT printables and ideas!!! Unfortunately, I have lost where it all came from. PLEASE let me know if you posted one of these ideas and I will link to you! Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

You are awesome Amy and those kids are absolutely beautiful.