Monday, October 11, 2010

Motivated Monday is back!!!!

Okay, life seems to have been crazy lately! I started school, set goals and had a great beginning to our school year. Then, life hit. I felt derailed for a while, but I am back. I have learned that I am not always going to have my perfect day where my written schedule will work. I may have guests. I may be the guest. I may have spriritual battles to fight. There may be things going on in my children's lives that need to take a front seat. At first I was frustrated when life took me from the schedule I thought I needed to be on. Now, I see it all as the blessings of life. I am so blessed that God has placed friends and family in our lives that we want to spend time with. I am so blessed that I have God and many friends who will go to fight for and with me in the battles of life and then celebrate with me at the victories! I am so blessed that I have children who not only love and enjoy eachother, but who want to come to me and include me in their own troubles. So, if life means getting off schedule, then take me off. I don't want to miss a minute!!!

As I begin this week, I am looking forward to a Monday "on schedule." I have all of our school work planned, cut, and organized so that it is right where I need it. The kids are looking forward to school in our school room as well. It has been a while!

A school challenge this week will be my 10 month old. Noah is quickly changing. He has stayed my baby longer than any of my other children. At 10 months, he is just now beginning to babble, distract, want to move, and do everything we are doing. A month ago, he was content to sit and play with toys while we got our work completed. He would just smile and coo, completely content in his own little world. Now, I will have to see how to keep our pace going while he is trying to scoot around the room getting into everything he can. He wants to speak to us and have our undivided attention. He loves peek-a-boo and copy cat games. Mostly, he wants us! To top it off, he is just so cute that we can't resist! This is definitely a loved baby. We will see how our school schedule will have to adjust to accomodate our youngest student.

Personally, I have learned A LOT this past week about relying on God for EVERY step. I am learning that pain won't hurt me and that I don't have to do things just because that is what I think I want. Some roads are really difficult, but the fight is worth fighting. I am learning how to roll up my sleeves and WORK.

That said, my goals this week are:
*Read God's word and spend time in focused prayer every day.

*Get to bed no later than 11pm, but hopefully by 10 or 10:30pm. (I know, I am not off to a good start. It is 12:17am right now. I will begin tomorrow!)

*Drink at least 10, 8oz glasses of water (80oz.) every day.

*Eat smaller portions.

*Eat all my daily food before 7:30pm.

That is probably enough to start with!!! Happy Monday everyone!!! I hope you have a great week!

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