Thursday, September 24, 2009

Small set back.

Well, Kaiden WAS doing really well. Yesterday, I thought I was fed up with poop, dog poop. Today, it was my 3 year old. I don't know what he was thinking, except that I told him to NOT come out again from nap time. oops. He started out in trouble because he was throwing a fit about going down for a nap. So, he was told not to come out again. Could that have been it? Was it actually all my fault? Was he NOW deciding to be extra obedient?

He came out of the room soaking wet. He had on winter pj's, so I couldn't tell anymore. Up in the room, though, I found a soaked bed, a pee puddle on the carpet, a big ball of poop on the carpet, and poop smudges all over the carpet! So, IF he just had an accident, why wasn't it all in the bed? He had to have also stood up and deliberately peed on the carpet for there to be a big spot like that. He also dropped his poop across the room and then obviously continued, unbothered, to play with some toys. Bathing him was GROSS!!!! So was cleaning all the carpet spots. YUCK!!!

We had a very strong talking to about that he was to ONLY come out to go potty, and that he MUST come out to go potty. POOP AND PEE ONLY GO IN THE POTTY!!! You get the drift. I really hope this sort of thing doesn't happen again. I don't think my pregnant body, stomach, etc. can handle a lot more of these unpleasant smells and jobs that I have been blessed to clean up lately.


Jeanie said...

Praying Amy,
How many weeks left?

Amy Mantooth said...

nine!!!! (Well, nine as of Mon.) I tend to round up! :-)