Sunday, September 6, 2009

Baby Name Poll

Okay friends and family, we need your help! This baby needs a name! Chris and I have FINALLY narrowed the list down to 8 names. We would love to get a vote to see what you think. The meaning of the name was VERY important to us, so I have included that.
Drum roll please......
(In alphabetical order)

Caleb - faithful, great spiritual potential
Conner - lofty desire, stronghold of God
Ethan - steadfast in Truth
Jonah - declarer of joy and salvation
Joshua - God is my salvation, bringer of Truth
Logan - devoted to God
Nathan (maybe called Nate) - gift of God, victorious
Noah - peaceful, provider of comfort (we add in faithful to this one)

Some factors that may or may not play a part in naming our baby are:
1) Our other children are Allison, Ashlynn, Kevin, and Kaiden
2) The middle name will most likely be Christopher (after Chris!), but we have some other family name ideas too for this.

SOOOOOO, what do you think? Leave us your vote in our comment box. Thanks!!!


Bradley said...'s my pics from your choices.
#1 is Logan. Great meaning..strong and tough to say..will serve him well later in life.
#2 is Conner. Again, great meaning..matches the sounds of the other kid's names..very bold..also will serve him well in life.

The Powell Family said...

Hey! Yay, you blog-I didn't know! You cannot go wrong with any of those names...but I do love Noah Christopher. Precious!

Jeff Etheredge said...

My son is Jonah and he is awesome! I really love them all, but particularly Jonah and Noah.

Kristen and Dave said...


Stephanie said...

Ok, I know that I have changed my mind a bit, but I like Conner. I like Caleb too, but Conner seems like a Mantooth name to me for some reason. Take into account that I am pregnant, and will probably change my mind!

Gumby's Gang said...

#1 Logan; love the meaning & sounds good w/ Christopher

#2 Joshua or Nathan (cuz I named my boys those names,lol)

Happy naming!


Stacey said...

My favorites are Caleb and Joshua...I am biased, though!! My 2 younger boys are Joshua and Caleb and I LOVE those men from the Bible!! :o) All of the names you've picked are good ones, though!

Mageetribe said...

Conner...all the way!! Love it, and it sounds like ya'll...and I love the meaning.

Tammy said...

Conner. I like the way it sounds with the other boys' names.

Kobi said...

I'm going to go against the flow and say Caleb -not Connor. I remember you loving that name in college.

I also like Nate and Noah.