Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My If/then charts (without the then)

I have my charts made!!! You can't possibly know how much a chart warms my heart. I LOVE lists, charts, and anything organizational!!! (Now following them is a whole different issue all together.)

We don't have the "THEN" written in yet. Chris and I still need to sit down and hash that out a little more. It will be things like no/shortened playtime with friends, no screen time (Wii, computer, TV), time out, write out the Bible verses, longer rest time, early bed time, extra chore, etc. We were also given the suggestion to laminate them and write the "Then" with a dry erase marker so that we can change the consequences when needed.

Here they are (click on the chart to see it larger):

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Stacey said...

LOVE this. We went over to a couples house for dinner and on the back of their basement door they had a BIG chart with the behavior and corresponding consequence. I was so impressed because the kids always knew the rules. They even used pictures for their kids who were too little to read, so they could still understand the chart. Since then I have always MEANT to make a chart, and even started one once, but never got around to finishing it. However, our behavior and consequence rules are verbal and my kids do know them!

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