Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm back!!! (I hope)

Wow, what a season we have been having! It has been one thing after another! We have had many different illnesses and a couple injuries that have set us WAY back.

So, I am craving normalacy (whatever that is!)!!! We are back on schedule with just a few lessons to catch up on. School-wise, we have done pretty well keeping up with the main subjects. Some of the extra ones have had to take a break, but we are going to be adding them back in very soon.

Something that happens when we are sick is that schedules and consistency go out the window. Does that happen at your house? Emotions run high, patience runs short, and energy is just not there at all. The simplest of tasks seem overwhelming. When all the dishes, laundry, clutter, and lessons not completed start to pile up, I just want to run the other way! Hawaii, here I come!

Another area that suffers is discipline. The kids (and I) get lazy in our TV watching, laying around, no chore schedule days. It is so hard to get back up!!! I have my own immaturities and "I don't wanna's" to deal with to make the process hard enough. When the children start their whinning and complaining, it is only by Christ's strength that I even get out of bed in the morning.

So, that is right where we are now. We are not sick, but we are not well either. Our hearts have become lazy and selfish, and we no longer default to the Lord to help us in these sinful mindsets. Arguing and fighting are heard every few minutes. Discipline is emotionally delt out and inconsistent at best. UGH!!! Have you been here before?

My hope is in the Lord, though! He promises that His grace is new every morning! He promises that He will not leave me nor forsake me! He promises that He loves me and my family! He promises that He will continue to work in us! Oh, that is such balm on my soul right now! I am bathing in those promises and in that hope that comes with them! I am not alone in this! All I am called to do, is my best in what He has given me, always giving it all to Him for His glory! Wow!!!!

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