Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pray for your husband #39 (and update of CRAZY day)

Sorry this is so late getting out. Today was nuts! We started with a garage sale which ended after just a couple of hours because our dog was hit by a car. My 4 year old accidentally let her out the front door and she got caught by her back leg by a mini van. So, I spent the next couple of hours with her at the animal hospital. We couldn't afford over night stay like suggested, so now I am doctoring a broken dog around the clock for at least the next couple of days. Her leg is filleted open, a deep cut is in another place, and a crushed foot. Plus, we have to watch her for extra internal injuries. They suspect some spine trauma as well. On top of this fun, it was my daughter's nine year old birthday today, poor thing. So, we finally had a nice dinner together with cake, ice cream, and presents around bedtime. Now, I am waiting up late for the next time I have to tend to our dog. Can you say tired? (Oh, and I forgot to throw in that four of our five children have bad colds and were very uncomfortable and cranky today as well.) Now, can you say tired?

On topic, though, it is very important to continue praying for our husbands. I am just in awe at the responsibility mine shoulders daily. Every day, he goes out into the world. He works in a coach's office, and believe me, it is not a place you would want your children. The topics and language would make you cringe. He works so hard to have integrity in all he does. He is called over to look at revealing pictures, which he refuses. There are jokes about each other's wives, which he doesn't take part in. There are plans to go drink together, which he passes on. Meanwhile, attending a coach's Bible study and continually inviting the men he works with to attend with him. He prays for these men and discusses spiritual things with them. They are so curious about us! I am the only stay at home mom, and definitely the only home schooler. He is the only man they know who is excited to get home and only speaks of love for his children. This is in addition to all his responsibility at home and the role God has for him as a husband. God calls him to be a husband as God husbands the church!! He is called to lead his family and be willing to die for us. I can't even grasp how enormous the responsibility is that God has given my wonderful husband who so readily steps up to the plate. I am so appreciative and in love with my husband!!!

I am not taking away from the work God has for me to do, or my responsibilities, but WOW!!!! I don't have to face the world on the same level at all. Almost all my friends are strong Christians, seeking to walk with the Lord every day. They are all training their children to love God and walk with Him. No one in my circle is trying to derail me. No one offers evil to me on a regular basis. In fact, just the opposite. If I am having a problem, they are there to encourage me and pray for me. They are my family!

So, knowing that my husband has such a role, and knowing that I was designed as his help meet, I PRAY!!! The very best way for you to support your husband is to be on the front lines of the spiritual battles, fighting war for him. You can stand in the gap, praying on his behalf for his protection from evil, and his strength to follow his Lord well.

Here is today's prayer #39:

Make my husband a willing and obedient servant, that we will eat the best of the land (Is. 1:19).

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