Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kaiden LOVES "school"!!

When Kaiden began his "school" this year, he was not sure what he thought about it. He does not like to color, he does not want to sit still very long. I am not for pushing school early. I don't think they actually NEED it. A lot of times though, they want to have "school" like their siblings. Also, I need him to have activities so that I can do school with the other older siblings. Anyway, school time has become a great time for Kaiden and I to get some one on one time while having fun and learning a few things along the way. I LOVE a set of puzzles that I got from Costco! There are numbers up to 30, letters, colors, and shapes. I can just pull out the ones I want to work with Kaiden on, and leave the others. I like that the colors include not so common ones like tan and grey. Kaiden really enjoys our time and the success he feels!

 The little blocks below were a surprise find on Ebay! For just $3, I got this cute little set of wooden sticks in four different colors, wooden pieces with numbers 0-9, and some with the math symbols on them. These have been great for one to one counting, and story problems to practice early math skills. Even though Kaiden wants to, we are not using the symbols yet. We just play with the sticks mostly. For example, I say, "If I have 3 green sticks and you have 5 blue sticks, how many sticks do we have together? What if I take two sticks away? How many do we have then?" He likes to then find the numbers and lay them by the stick pile that corresponds to them.

I am so, so proud of Kaiden!!! He began this year, not wanting to take any instruction or follow any directions. Now, he is excited to play and learn and follow instruction! He began the year cutting a piece of paper into shreds of tiny little pieces. Now, he can carefully follow a line that even curves or zig zags! There are many, many things he has learned and  many ways he has matured. I so enjoy this very smart, fun, creative, silly boy!!! I am also so thankful to be able to experience this growth in him first hand. I am so, so blessed to be able to homeschool my children! I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!!


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Looks like you are having fun!

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Sisterlisa said...

That's awesome!! My son didn't like to color either and a friend suggested I let him cut geometric shapes with kid safe scissors. It helps build the muscles in their hands they will need for handwriting later. ;)