Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Praying for my husband

God is so good!! My mom has had some prayer tools for a while now, but just kept forgetting to give them to me. They are little books on rings. There are three, Prayers for my HUSBAND, Prayers for my WIFE, and Prayers for my CHILDREN.  (They are called Keys to the Kingdom and are put out by Prayer Point Press.)

Had she given them to me earlier, I would have looked over them and stuck them on a shelf. I would have had intentions of using them, but the reality would be that I would forget about them. I believe that God had her give them to me at JUST the right moment in my life.

This week, I have been clinging to God's word and these prayers for my precious beloved, Chris. (Many times, I need to pray the prayer for myself as well.) These prayers have blessed me and kept me and my heart focused exactly where I need to be.

I hope to encourage you in your covenant of marriage. What a better way to start, than by sharing with you these prayers. I hope to share one every day with you. Join me, as we pray for our precious spouses. There is no better way to be their helpmate.

Prayer for today: (#1)

"Lord Jesus, let my husband abide in you. Let him draw his self worth from you, not from his job or his achievements. I pray for his identity to be in line with your thoughts about him (John 15:4). 

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Sharon Cohen said...

I love it! I don't know why I never prayed this prayer before - that my husband draw his self worth from God. My husband has struggled with self-esteem issues all of his life - more so since becoming disabled. I honestly never articulated this prayer before. I am so glad that you posted this today. (God works in mysterious ways.)

Thank you.