Tuesday, July 27, 2010

JumpStart Get Moving Family Fitness for Wii

Over at http://www.confessionsofahomeschooler.blogspot.com/ , she is giving away a JumpStart Get Moving Family Fitness!!! I am someone who, occasionally, wishes we didn't own a TV. I have also always disliked video games. Wii is TOTALLY different! I have played many different types of games, activities, and fitness programs on Wii. It is a fun family event when the Wii is turned on!

This program being given away has many different games on it that can be played in several different locations. For example, play baseball underwater, race on a farm, play football in Egypt. Even your 3 or 4 year old can participate, so it really is family fun.

Go check it out! http://www.jumpstart.com/wii/get-moving.aspx

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