Saturday, July 31, 2010

Curriculum plans (and issues)

Okay, here I am again, late at night on all these wonderful homeschooling blogs. The problem is, is that I am getting more and more overwhelmed! I want to do preschool in a more organized, focused way this year and have read SO MANY great ideas. I just don't know how to put it all together now. I have two curriculum that I want to blend. One is Letter of the Week from and the other is Raising Rock Stars Preschool from Then, there are several other blogs that just have tons of great ideas I want to remember to throw in somewhere. The problem is how to have the time to sort it all out into a manageable plan that works for me. Ugh.

On the other hand, I have a good grasp of school for my school aged children.


Language Arts:

We are finishing up First Language Lessons 3 and then we will move into Writing With Ease and Easy Grammar.


Allison is finishing up Abeka 3 in math and then she will begin Teaching Textbooks 4.

Ashlynn is finishing up Abeka 2 and will move into Abeka 3.

(By the way, we just switched this year from MathUSee to Abeka and the kids have done SO MUCH BETTER!!! They really enjoy math now, and I am more comfortable with the way Abeka explains things. The other got confusing for us at times.)

THE BOYS: (Well, Kevin...Kaiden is the preschool issue I mentioned above, and Noah is excited to now be able to eat Cheerios.)

Language Arts:

Kevin is finishing up First Language Lessons 1 and 2. I am debating whether to begin Writing With Ease 1 or not. We will see when I can get my hands on it.


Kevin FLEW through Abeka K last year and so is half way through Abeka 1 already as we begin. He will just keep going at his pace. After Abeka 1, he will go into Abeka 2. We will also slow things down just a bit for him to get good at his math facts.


We will all do art, music, Bible, calendar, history, science, etc. together, just on the appropriate levels. I am hoping to find a PE co-op to either start or be a part of and we just joined a history and science co-op which I am excited about!

Art: This will be a combination of Global Art to compliment our geography and Come Look With Me books for art appreciation.

Music: This will be a combination of learning hymns, piano lessons, and Pfeiffer House Music Home School Music Curriculum. (I just kind of landed this curriculum and haven't taught it or looked at it in depth, but I have high hopes.)

We will begin our read alouds by finishing up the Chronicles of Narnia as well as reading Hero Tales and our Christian Heroes: Then & Now series.

That is the curriculum plan. My next struggle is making my schedule a reality. In THEORY and ON PAPER, school can start at 8am and be over by lunch. BUT....then life happens, nursing happens, diapers happen, fights break out, attitudes slow progress, etc., etc., etc., and before I know it we are WAY off schedule. So, this is my focus and goal: to make a reasonable schedule that takes into account all of life's little happenings and our attention spans. Wish me luck!

Oh! I almost forgot, and maybe I have even mentioned this before, another big switch this year is the workbox system. I hope to acquire the boxes with our next paycheck if Sam's is still carrying them. I couldn't find them there today. If not, I will come up with a different plan but same concept. I am hoping this will keep our focus and momentum during our school days. I will let you know how they are working.

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