Monday, July 26, 2010

Catching up...

We have had a wonderful summer! Our family was able to take a trip across the US, or half of it anyway, to visit friends!!! We saw family in Arkansas, friends in Nashville, TN, friends in Roanoke, VA, and friends in Stratford, CT. I will post a few pictures soon.

Now, I am trying to get myself off of vacation mode and start getting back into a schedule. We will be starting school very soon! Because of budget reasons, we will begin school with what I have and then order the other curriculum I need in Sept.. So, I won't have it right away, but that may be good anyway. This will give us all a chance to ease into a new schedule. I am hoping to get an organizational cart from SAM'S. It is $30 instead of the $75 that someone else got. I want to try the workbox system this year. I will have a 4th grader, a 3rd grader, a 1st grader, a preschooler, and a tot. So, some organization will be handy. I like the idea of the system because it gives each child their order for the day. There will hopefully be no whining about when will they be done or how much more. They will be able to see exactly what I am requiring of them and they are done when they reach the last drawer. I can even put a snack in there and get rid of that time sucker mid morning. I can't wait to get going again. Even though it is hard to get back on a schedule, we all work SO much better when we are on one and doing school. Don't you just love the beginning of a new school year!?!?! I will post more on how this is working and what we are using this year for everyone soon and keep you updated.

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