Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baby update

Our little baby is 10 weeks along in its amazing development as of last Monday. I had a wonderful visit with our OB/Gyn! I loved the doctor and his staff, which was a HUGE blessing. Plus I got the exciting confirmation that yes indeed, there was a little person growing inside me!!! I got to see it moving and hear its strong heart beat! I just cried happy tears lying there on the table. God is so amazing!!!! The miracle of a new baby beginning its journey will never grow old no matter how many we have! How do people not believe in God? I just can't see how NOT to! I am so excited to get to know this little life!

I still don't know how to put one of those pregnancy trackers on my blog, but I will find out. I actually keep forgetting to ask. Maybe I will go do that now.....


Stephanie said...

YEAH AMY! I am so excited for you. And how cool that you can see what this little person looks like each day! Wow, I was always looking up stuff like that in my books, but this it cooler!


Jeanie said...

When is your DD?

Amy Mantooth said...

Dec. 7th, but they want to do the c-section at 39 weeks. So, we are looking at Nov. 30th.