Friday, October 31, 2008

Reformation Day!!!!

Tonight our church gathered in a friend's home to celebrate Reformation Day. On October 31st, Martin Luther nailed his thesis to the door of his church. This thesis challenged the beliefs in the church at that time. It challenged the Pope himself. It told of how the church had gone away from the Bible's teaching and where it was not following God at all. Protestant faiths celebrate this day, remembering the brave men who stood for truth. They soon after, translated Bibles into languages that the people could understand. The church was never the same again.

This year, our church picked the German reformer, Martin Luther to study. We had a feast of German food, fellowshipped, the kids colored relevant pictures, and we learned of this brave and interesting man. We had a great time! I look forward to finding out what country we will be learning about next year!

My friend, Candace, has a good post about Reformation Day. Just click on her name.

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Candace said...

We're so glad you were with us to celebrate! It was a great night!