Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"You are sheltering your children." (said negatively)

(my answer) "Are you kidding me? Of course I am sheltering my children!" It seems the world is very against the idea of sheltering children. I whole-heartedly disagree for anyone out there who cares. I do guard their eyes, minds, and hearts. I screen what TV shows, commercials, radio, movies, books, and friends they encounter in their daily lives. Yes, I am a protective parent. AS I SHOULD BE!!! Today's shows are flooded with pre-teen and teen dating scenarios, immorality, with divorce as an accepted way of life, with rebellion and attitudes as something every kid must go through. They are wrong. I choose to raise and train my children with a God-world view. I believe that, in the end, they will be stronger for it. Being totally in the world as they are growing desensitizes and confuses. Entering the world slowly and controlled, in a safe family environment where challenges and issues can be discussed strengthens them. Then, when they are on their own, things that are not of God stand out clearly to them. Then, they have learned steps in which to process the challenge and come up with their own confident stand. Then, they are confident in the unconditional support they have from their family. The self-centered, "Me" culture we live in today does not point to God in any way. Immediate gratification, the "its okay if I'm not caught" mentality, and wanting rewards without putting in the required work are not attitudes I want for my children. The fact that what you chose to do didn't hurt anyone, does not make it okay. I want my children to know right from wrong. I want them to grow up with honesty, integrity, and a strong work ethic. I want them to love others as they do themselves and to live sacrificially. I want them to trust in God's perfect and wonderful plan for love and marriage. These are very different ideas than the world teaches. I want God's Word, the Bible, to teach them how to live in and interact with the world, not a room full of children just as immature as they are (or more so). So, when you accuse me of sheltering my children I proudly answer, "Yes, I am!"

May God teach me how to shelter them even more. I know the world has desensitized me and I let more in than I should. Father give me wisdom and discernment in choosing what is beneficial for these precious children. I pray God continues to mature me in this area. I commend all you other sheltering moms. May God bless you!

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