Monday, September 15, 2008

In celebration of such amazing weather....

(from lft. to rt. :up close hippo!, on the lions at the entrance, on a kimono dragon statue, mama and baby nursing right at the glass!, a very mean looking hyena!)

....we took a spontaneous trip to the zoo! For several years, that has been a fun thing for us to do. Whenever we wake up and are surprised by a fresh new cold front after so many months of heat, we scrap all plans and head to the zoo!!! This was our first time to visit this zoo!

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Rebecca said...

Isn't it a great day?! I took the kids to have a picnic in the park today, but I think I will schedule a zoo trip this week since it's forecasted to be great weather all week. I love the fall. This is just a sneak peak of beautiful, cool days to come!