Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Friends that are really family

I just took a fabulous trip to visit friends of ours. We spent the first day looking around their part of Connecticut. It was beautiful! Here, we are enjoying time at the nearby beaches. You can see that it is COLD!
Stephanie and I went into New York City, just the two of us. At this moment, we are at the top lookout of the Statue of Liberty with Manhattan behind us.

We went through the museum under the statue and cried at some of the history.
We had fun exploring Central Park and enjoying all the street performers that we saw. Afterwards, we saw Rockefeller Center, and had dinner in Time Square. Then we saw an AMAZING Broadway play that her husband, Steve, and another one of our friends, Debbie, gave us tickets for. It was a wonderful day!

That night, after our wonderful day in NY, it snowed!!! It was beautiful! We had snow ball fights with the kids and made snowmen.
God's beauty is amazing! I love traveling and seeing different parts of His creation. What a wonderful, diverse world we live in!

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Candace said...

How fun!!! Oh I would love to go to New York for a visit someday!

So glad you had a sweet time with your friend!

Welcome back!