Monday, March 22, 2010

The House That Cleans Itself

On my parent's last visit, my mom gave me a new book and a notebook to go with it. The book is, The House That Cleans Itself, by Mindy Starns Clark.

The first part of the book was kind of fun. It told me to plan. I love planning! I got to draw up a floor plan of our house and number the rooms in the order I was going to attack them. Then I got to chapter 4. It said that I should have steps 1-3 completed to go any further. Bummer. You mean I am going to have to DO something!?!

Just kidding. I am all geared up and ready for the work. I am still in the new baby phase, and so I don't have much focused time. I have many goals and dreams, but it can get overwhelming trying to get them to pan out when I am stopped so much. Nevertheless, I am going to attempt to go room by room and follow the plan in this book. Wish me luck!

Journaling is supposed to help and be a good thing, so I will add entries in here to let you know my progress as I am able to do things. I expect this to be a very LONG process given the amount of time I have to give to this project. I just know it is a necessity that I do this. Our house is frustrating, cluttered, disorganized, and in a nutshell inefficient. This makes for a lot of needless frustration every day.

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